3/19/16 Update:
Thanks again to everyone who ordered a SimpleCase over the past week! I'd love to see pics of completed arcade sticks using SimpleCases, so feel free to send a few pics and I'll feature them in the upcoming Gallery section.

Starting today, I've decided to move to a "Build to Order" method of handling how SimpleCases are constructed and sold. This will help things to run smoother in the shop rather than try to keep an inventory. This also opens opportunities for species of wood not listed; a SimpleCase can be made out of pretty much any species of wood. Just send me an email with your desired species of wood and we'll work out the details. Additionally, this enables the possibility of special requests in regards to certain features like top and rear button layouts; though for now, to keep things in order at the shop, all SimpleCases will have the same standard top and rear layouts. This will definitely change in the near future though.

Build times will be from 1-2 weeks from the date of ordering your SimpleCase. This will often be shorter as well, depending on inventory.

Features Coming Soon:
I have a lot of features planned for the website and shop. Here's a quick rundown:

More updates planned soon! Thanks for visiting!


Welcome to SimpleCase! Here, you'll find affordable, quality, hand made arcade stick enclosures in several species of wood that are perfect for first time arcade stick builders or those who want to make their own custom arcade stick but don't have the time, space or tools required to build a case. Before heading to the order page, I recommend reading through the "About" section to find out how each SimpleCase is made, the features they have, and what's included.

Tiger Maple